Hello world!

I hope you are all doing well 🙂 I apologize for not blogging yesterday as a friend of mine had just flew back from her holiday to Malaysia so we were celebrating her return to the UK. We haven’t been seeing her for three weeks and we certainly did miss her presence.

This friend of ours is an absolute character. Her personality is brilliant and the conversations with her are worth cherishing every millisecond. With her being in the house, the whole unit is filled up with laughter, smiles and life. Mind you, she can be an absolute Rodney sometimes but that’s why we love her.

What we did for the celebration was to organize a dinner session for her and when I mean organize, it’s just us cooking her favourite dishes which included chicken green curry, Tom Yam soup, stir-fried lettuce and omelettes.


Owh! Not forgetting that we made a dessert too!

There you go, our very own strawberry chocolate tart 😀

I know what you’re thinking.. yeap that’s a shitload of calories.. but who gives a crap right.. When good food is present to you right in your face, you can’t help but shoving them into your mouth at that very instant. And that my friends was followed with the best food coma of our lives! Two words for you: SHEER SATISFACTION

After dinner was just our usual hanging out session and we had the best laugh and conversation which we needed for a long time after not seeing each other for weeks due to the holidays.

The night ended at 12am and all in all, it was defiantly a spectacular night. So yes. That was my day yesterday. Today is Sunday, my reading day and my face had been burried into books(specifically Dan and Phil’s book) and also a cheeky little YouTube session ;D

Now how about you? How was your day yesterday or today or even the entire week for that matter? Would love to read about it 😀

Until then, have a great week ahead and take care!<3

Eunice signing off…