Today’s blog will be a short one as I have not done much today and it wasn’t as interesting.. well apart from indulging myself with YouTube almost the entire day yeap I didn’t do much.

Basically, I was working on my final research project for university which is due March this year. Waaay too early I know but I am one of those people who needs to get things done A.S.A.P and thorough if not, I will get anxious..and it ain’t nice..

Then, I was catching up on my reading.. Well, that’s it really…

Owh but something exciting is happening tomorrow! I am going BACK(I was there during Christmas last year) to my most favourite city in the world! The most beautiful city in the world(declared my me :P) and a place where I feel much like home 🙂 London.. Owh Owh and not just London city, this time, I’m going to visit the Harry Potter Studios!! Oh my gosh it feels like a dream because I am finally visiting this place after years of watching the film and being a massive Harry Potter fan makes it all so surreal! Of course there will be pictures and videos about the trip don’t you worry, my fellow readers! So keep an eye out on that 😀

Also, something special is happening tomorrow and you will find out in tomorrow’s blog! Well, that is it for today. I hope you had a great day today and so sorry for the short blog, I promise you tomorrow’s blog will be good! Until then, take care! ❤

Eunice signing off…