Hello everyone!

I hope you are having a great day/night/week! Today’s blog will be a continuation from the previous blog about my two day trip to one of the most stunning cities in the world, London 😀

Alright, so as you all know in the previous blog, I had visited the Harry Potter Studios almost the entire day and we basically called it a night after that. The next day, I decided to explore a quaint little town of West Kensington.

Why West Kensington you may ask? Well, I have been to London during Christmas last year for 6 days and stayed in a cosy little apartment situated in that beautiful neighbourhood. We ended up falling in love with the place due to its tranquil and peaceful surroundings and its convenient getting to the nearby train stations and shops surrounding the neighbourhood. It was somewhat busy with cars but not as busy as London City and it is nice to return to somewhere quiet after a long day of exploration(walking) in London City.

I don’t know why but I find the apartments and houses here fairly odd yet amazingly adorable. The structure making the apartments and houses were interesting and beautiful and being an avid explorer myself, I was crazy enough to walk row by row admiring each apartment(though they were the same) and at the same time enjoying the serene neighbourhood. Plus, it was an extremely sunny day that day which made West Kensington shine at its brightest in all its glory. I know I am weird and random but there’s is just something about West Kensington that captures my soul.


I have managed to walk the entire Barons Court, Fairholme Road and its nearby streets but only managed to walk one quarter of Hammersmith(though I really do want to explore more).

We checked out from our accommodation at 11am and had lunch at a well known cafe in Soho which goes by the name of Lantana Cafe where I had one of the best lunches of my life! IMG_1518

If I am not mistaken that’s the banana bread with chocolate sprinkles and honey and oh my god, it was delicious and satisfying! We then took the underground to Baker Street where we took the 1.05pm bus to Stansted Airport for our flight home to Glasgow.

London, as I have already said it many times and I will say it again is always and will always be my most favourite place in the world and I will definitely return to this wondrous city and visit other places that are on my bucket list.

If you had visited London, let me know how it was  for you and your travels to the city in the comment section! Thank you so much for reading this and until then, I wish you all a good day/week ahead! Take care!<3

Eunice signing off…