Hello everyone,

I do not know what is wrong with me but at this very moment, I just feel like running into a wall and hitting my head against it multiple times due to my carelessness!

Have you ever went through a situation where you thought that you’re on the right track but actually doing a big mistake? That is me today with my thesis for university. I am now currently working on the draft for my thesis(only one quarter of it is done since the introduction) and thought that the deadline was in February for the first draft because I thought I was suppose to follow the Mpharm-ers(Pharmacy course) thesis deadlines as I was previously from that course(now I’ve shifted to Pharmaceutical Science) and also because the draft introduction submission was also on the same day as the Mpharm-ers.

However, today during class, a fellow classmate of mine who is in the same course and also was a former Mpharm-er mentioned that the deadline for my first draft for the entire thesis is next Thursday. So, now I realized I stupid mindedly read the email that was sent earlier on last year regarding the deadlines! I am now in panic mode trying to come up with a first draft but being someone who does not like to do things simply, I have an extreme fear that my supervisor will mark me down for effort and diligence which I do not want it to happen!

Oh my gosh! How can I pull this off within a week and how the hell did I mis-read the email?!! I guess after spending the entire afternoon having an anxiety attack and crying my eyes out after dinner, I now learn that we should read every single detail properly and double check the information, whether it is exams, or important notifications, or in this case, deadlines and submissions.

I certainly do not want to be marked down for my thesis as gaining sufficient marks to obtain a second class honours in my degree is extremely vital at the moment because it is one of the entry requirements for my postgraduate this coming september but now it may be jeopardise because of this stupid mistake!!

I am so sorry for ranting and being all down but I just needed to tell this to you guys and I needed to let it out although it may not help much until I am done with the first draft. But you all mean so much to me and sharing my current feelings with all of you is what I want to do in this blog.