Hello my lovely readers!

My deepest apologies for being absent these past few days. I was busy sorting out university stuff and also preparing for an important and exciting event which I will write about in my upcoming blogs! I am now back to blogging and thank you for staying with my blogs! ❤ My heart goes out to all of you!

This is just a random blog post and I am sure that each of us have experienced days where you just feel extremely chilled and could not be bothered by anything else. Well I just had one of those days 5 days ago.

Let me start off by saying that we do not get much sun during the winter in the UK and where I am currently studying(Glasgow) the weather is always a dull. Yes, grey skies can be calming sometimes but too much is just daunting. The weather can be a tease at times. Like it would be sunny in the morning for a short two hours and when we were about to go out to enjoy the sunlight, it decided to start raining. -_-… Mood killer we call it..

After days of grey clouds coupled with heavy drizzle/rain, hallelujah and praise all the Gods, we were finally blessed with SUN and CLEAR BLUE SKIES! *cue hallelujah music*

The gorgeous view from my room in my hostel


See how sunny it is?! It was so god damn amazing to wake up to a room lit up by the direct shine of the sun shining into your room(I live at the top floor so there’s always a direct shine of sunlight) and I my mood matched the weather instantly that day. What was surprising was that the weather managed to stay that way the entire day without shitting on us with rain. So, without hesitation, I decided to go out to town, making full use of the sun!

But what made the day even more special was that in the evening, this happened

Isn’t this mesmerising or what

Holy shit would you bloody look at that?! Not gonna lie, this is one of the best sunsets I have ever seen or that has ever happened in Glasgow(for the 1 and quarter years I have lived here). You don’t see this everyday in this city so I turned off my room lights and sat on my desk chair which overlooked this view and soaked this stunning sunset in.

I felt every ounce of my body at ease and at that very instant all my woes went away. My mind was emptied and was at the most calmest it has ever been since ever and my breathing was more deeper and slower than usual. I was at peace.

And the sky that night was the clearest that it has ever been because the lights emitting from each building in sight were flickering at its brightest which lit the night sky.

Picture doesn’t do it justice

As mentioned in caption, you need to enjoy this with your own eyes.

So, that day was just spent with looking out of the window and getting lost in my own thoughts..

Do you have days like these wherever you live? I would love to know in the comment section below 😀 And update me how your week has been going so far?

Thank you so much for reading this! Until then, I hope you have a great day/week ahead and take care! ❤


Eunice signing off…