Hello all,

Once again, I apologise  for the depressing blog yesterday as I was in panic mode and was overwhelmed with the entire thing after being slapped in the face with realisation that my draft thesis is due next week. Just to let you know that I am halfway through with it and after a lot of worrying thoughts, waking up with shivers and balling my eyes out which then commence to talking to a friend of mine, reading another friend’s comment on the previous blog, watching Joe Sugg’s, Zoe Sugg’s and videos of other British YouTubers in the British YouTube crew, I finally had some sense drilled into my head.

What I have learnt after that few hours timespan drowned in confusion, hatred and regret, I came to consensus that what’s done is done and worrying isn’t gonna get me anywhere. Yes, I now have that fear that I may not obtain a good mark for my thesis knowing how close the deadline is but this is just a draft. It can be amended and it can be improved. I came across a few videos yesterday which showcase students who did badly in their studies at first but quickly became the top of the class after weeks of improvement and hard work. I guess my mind wasn’t in the right place yesterday and was too worried to think about the possible positive signs that are bound to happen.

I guess I kept thinking about possible failure when it hasn’t even happen yet and in which it won’t happen if I cracked on with my draft thesis now. So now with a calm mind, I will try my best to do what I can now to generate a draft thesis in a week time and wait for the feedback. And after the feedback, conduct improvements on the thesis to make it a better quality one. To quote my ultimate idol and the most amazing person I have ever known, ‘If you try hard enough, you can improve’-Joe Sugg 2015.

Also, I just want to thank Adrienne and another good friend of mine who gave me advice yesterday. To those who read, liked and commented on my previous blogs, thank you! Hence, no more moaning and it’s time to get this shit done! In the words, of Alfie Deyes, ‘LET’S DO THIS!’

Until then, I hope each and everyone of you have a great day/week ahead! Take care ❤

Eunice signing off…