Hello everybody!

I hope that you’re having an amazing week so far! I had a busy weekend indeed but eventful as well 🙂

As you know, I just had the first rehearsal for Malaysian Night last Saturday. Let me tell you, it didn’t go as planned most of the time. The planning was messy and I was insecure the entire time, questioning my every move despite me joining this committee in the SAME department for the second time. And then it got me, being a leader and being one of the leaders isn’t the same thing. Sounds the same but the tasks needed to achieve and the level of expectations differs.

Being one of the leaders, yes, you have a big duty on your hands. You contribute ideas, support the lead and you are to be the right hand man. But being the leader however, you are to think through every idea, the pros and cons to the idea, the solutions to the cons, or even a back-up plan. Not to mention every detail possible regarding the matter, in this case, to generate the flow of the event, whether the flow is smooth enough, consider the performances to be included and whether they are suitable(music and the number of people) plus incorporating the performances into the flow(timing is vital), the props needed for the performances, the flow of the event, the catering, the seating plan, the decoration and designing, the promotion, how are we going to sell the tickets and how many, the budget and to make sure that the budget is sufficient for all departments etc… All these of course can’t be accomplished on your own without help, you could if you want to but your mind will explode(trust me, I have been there recently). In the end, you are to be given the final say.

I am not complaining by the way. I honestly and genuinely am having the time of my life being the head of the program/event director department and as someone who loves learning new things everyday, I am learning a lot. This is just me expressing my admiration and respect out there to those who had been leading huge events(or even you guys) many a time as this is my first time being a lead in anything this massive. The amount of hard-work and dedication you all go through to making the events fruitful is amazing. So, hats out to you guys!

Also, this is an eye-opening experience for me and a whole lot responsibility. It’s a challenge that I was too scared to take on previously but now I am eager to accept it and break through those barriers. This opportunity has definitely push me out of my comfort zone and although the workload is scary, it is something worth going through once in your life and imagine the feeling you get at the end of the day knowing you did the very best you could in making the event successful. Oh my gosh, it’s brilliant!

So, with all that said, here’s to my first big journey of this production! I will definitely keep you all updated on this for sure!

Also, let me know in the comments your own experience in leading an event or even planning a trip for your friends and family and your journey through it all. I would love to hear your stories and also if you have a comment regarding my views on being the leader or one of the leader as well as tips on how to go through it, do leave your thoughts in the comment section below as your views will help me in my leading journey of Malaysian Night 😀

Until then, I wish you a great day/week ahead and take care! ❤

Eunice signing off…