Yes, it is that time of the year again! Time for celebration and laughter! Had the best three days preparation for Chinese New Year.

As you did not know already, Chinese New Year is celebrated in the month of February every year signifying the ‘New Year’for the Chinese based on the Chinese calendar(Similar to the general calendar but a slight change from the general calendar). This is the time of the month where the visiting spree begins to our relatives and friends’ lovely homes/ open houses, where the non-married are given red packets filled with a certain amount of money by the married couple, where fun and lively chatter are observed with lovely smiles displayed on faces and where good traditional Chinese food and snacks are home-made and endeavoured.

Usually at this time of the year(before studying overseas in the UK, before two years ago when I was back in Malaysia), my family and I will be driving to different states catching up with our cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends. In terms of the traditional snacks, my parents would buy them from the nearest morning market and the food on the other hand, some are bought read-made, most of them are made at home by us.

These two years of CNY celebration however, EVERYTHING is made by us FROM SCRATCH. Quite an experience but deemed plausible and the end result was a huge success! 😀

On the 6th of February, we started with the traditional Chinese snacks baking session and despite the long hours of preparation and endless run-arounds between the two adjoining kitchens in our two units, our hard-work and effort paid off immensely!

1st: Baked buttered cookies



2nd: Fried Crispy Crabsticks


3rd: Fried Crispy Seaweed in Popiah Skin


4th: A must-have delicacy for Chinese New Year, Bak Kwa(Barbecued Pork)

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5th: and Finally, fried popiah skin sprinkled in sugar


We also had a cooling drink of Barley(traditional Chinese drink) after our dinner which was before our baking session which my parents brought over from Malaysia during their visit to the UK.


At the end of the day, we were full from indulging ourselves with these amazing mouthwatering snacks and completely satisfied 😀

It was certainly a busy day but we had fun nonetheless!

Asians at work…

And this ladies and gentlemen, is the end result and layout of our CNY baking session 😀


That was our 6th of February.. More to come on the 7th February blog where I will write about the most important and must-have reunion dinner on CNY eve!

Let me know in the comments how your first day of Chinese New Year has been and what do you guys think about the home-made snacks?

Until then, I hope you have a great day/week ahead, and to those celebrating Chinese New Year, may the year of the monkey brings you happiness, good health and success! Hope your celebration is as grand as mine! Take care! ❤


Eunice signing off…