I don’t know about you guys but do you ever have this  all-you-to-do-is-to-be-alone kind of day? A day where you just lock yourself in the room, shut yourself down and let your mind drift off into a wander (self-hypnosis they call it)?

Yeah, I do have those days. But mine is planned however. Sundays are my ‘me’ times and that is the day where it is just me, myself and I, doing only my own things whether it is studying or just reading etc without any contact what-so-ever with anyone (sorry, friends :/). And in contact, I don’t mean physically touching them(that would be weird and creepy as shit).. it’s just making eye-contact with them and talking to them which means my phone becomes obliterated.

All I do on Sundays is reading. My mind just goes off on one (an automatic immediate shut down from reality) and I’m completely immersed into a book. Approaching Sunday evenings, this time is my Jazz/Soul Night where soul R&B, classic jazz, swing jazz or whatever jazz music there are are on the loop. Now that’s my definition of a perfect Sunday/Me-time ><

Problem is, there may be a perception where your mates might think you’re mental or you’re just having a bad day but in actual fact, you’re perfectly fine. For me personally, I’m constantly facing people everyday of every week and I think it’s alright to exclude a day off from everyday conversations and to focus my attention to myself and my needs. I think it’s a good way to recharge and prepare yourself for another week of socializing. I’m not complaining, I love my mates and the conversations with them are always something but I guess it’s nice to have your own time and for you to become a number one priority for yourself for one whole day.

Oh and by the way, don’t worry my lovely friends know about this 🙂

Now, over to you, my lovely readers, do you have these type of days be it random or planned? What day is it, what do you do during that particular day and what are your thoughts about the entire ‘me’ time?

Leave them in the comment section below 😀


Eunice signing off…