Oh my word! It’s defiantly been a long time since the last blog. So sorry to my fellow readers for the long absence. Don’t worry I have an explanation for that. I had been sacrificing my leisure time these few weeks for my thesis submission and oh my gosh, I am finally done with my final year university research project!! REJOICE is the word 😀


There’s my work, guys. Months of research work, time used, sweat and tears and brain juice are made into that piece of artwork (I hope so anyway). Honestly, I thoroughly enjoyed doing this research. Not gonna lie, it was horrible at the first draft because it didn’t turn out as planned but as time went on, it progressed into something better so am hoping for the best possible mark :).

Oh and after that, we had rehearsals for Malaysian Night and on the 5th of March 2016, the BIG night approached. Goodness me, I was a nervous wreck nearing the D-Day and I swear to God I felt a little bit faint in the midst of it all but it was worth the struggle and the worry in the end. Everyone worked so god damn hard on this event, rehearsals after rehearsals after rehearsals, countless of individual practices and discussions, from the committee to the performers, everything was top notch that night.

Oh yes, I did manage to snap a few photos during the rehearsals so here you go..

Our amazing president and vice president of Malaysian Night and Malaysian Society. Sorry for the blur picture, Vice President. You were moving waay too much :p
Actors playing teachers and students in a school assembly.. Did I mention that it was a sketch?
weyyy! Reminiscing our old school ‘classroom’. The only thing missing are the ceiling fans (yes, Malaysia is a hot country.. not warm.. HOT)


Tai chi solo performance (martial arts).. Now this is mesmerising
More acting….
Indian Dance team doing their thing 🙂
Closing performance

There was also a Silat (Malay martial arts) performance, modern dance and another gorgeous singing performance in the middle but was not able to snap pictures as I was busy scrutinizing the performances (I hope I did a good job at that…). After each rehearsals ended, I was to give feedback on the performances and sketch but there was so much improvement since the first rehearsals, nothing was left to scrutinize.

Alright! Malaysian Night time! Of course being one of the organisers, there’s always a fear of mishaps. Yes, everyone was nervous but seemed calmed and then there’s me being an extreme nervous wreck and I felt a little faint hours before the night. My adrenaline rush was already at its limit I thought I was LITERALLY gonna pass out! And nothing and no one could do bugger all to calm me down.. But as time passed by, I managed to relax a little bit and enjoyed myself. The turn out: SUCCESS

The deco this year was next level! Props to the Deco and Designing team *clapSSS* *CLAPSSSS* *CLAPSSS*
Trying to be a skilled photographer here but failing miserably… (this is the best I could do)..   p.s: are those hairs on the balloons??


MORE BALLOONS!! with no hair spotted
My crazies/ Performers getting ready (3 hours before the night)

Okay so from this point onwards, I’ll be naming the dances/performances respectively chronologically according to the planned schedule and not put it as captions for  better description. So for each picture, I’ll name them at the top (as the title; I hope you get what I mean..).

Also, just to point out that these pictures were taken by our amazing photographers, Jason Tan and Clement Loh. Thank you so much to you both for these stunning pictures!  I did manage to snap a few cheeky photos on my own from my phone (you can tell the quality difference) but not much as I was on duty backstage the entire time.

Ngajat Dance (Origin: Sarawak, Malaysia)

Sketch (Most natural and Brilliant Actors and Actresses)

One of the beautiful singing performances

Silat (A Malay Martial Arts)10271214_10153566988793212_4786173627668590381_o

Dinner session/’Recess’Time for the guests (Homecooked Malaysian food made from            scratch by our wonderful Food and Beverage Team!



Modern Dance


Bamboo Stick game (Involvement of guests)12792336_10153569681333212_913922477091704096_o

Tai Chi solo performance; Chinese Martial Arts ( Bloody Mesmerizing <3)


Gorgeous Chinese Fan Dance12795126_10153566989313212_4390841188776774754_o

Wushu performance and a duet ‘fighting’ performance; Chinese Martial Arts

Chinese Ribbon Dance



Indian Dance 1495934_10153569681323212_1412548210578763636_o

And to end the night/’school session’, another beautiful singing performance 🙂12819465_10153571463243212_8012788494880622730_o


Yes, as one of the event directors of Malaysian Night, I had to make sure that the performances went well and as planned or better, made sure that there was a smooth flow throughout the entire event (performances, food, transition between scenes, lightings, music, props etc…) and of course hope that everyone had fun. Well obviously, I could not have done these without my other event directors 😀 Could not have asked for better people for the Event Directors Team and am ecstatic that I had a chance to work and have fun with them ❤

Low and behold, one of the most brilliant and loveliest event directors/teammates/ friends ever met. The journey we went through was indescribable and the amount of detail and precision these people have put into each and every aspect of this event was insane.

Not only that, this entire event would not have been a success without this outstanding committee team!

Badass committee team who I love so god damn much! ❤ P.s: Please excuse my ‘duck face’ (I am the one in the center) :p Was trying to do a funny face cause smiling is just mediocre    ><

From the lightings to the performances, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart who willingly participated in Malaysian Night 2016! Thank you for the endless hardwork and the countless efforts. It was definitely  a memorable night to behold.

The night isn’t complete without an afterparty. Weyyy! Not much alcohol was condoned I promise you. No one was drunk. We were all responsible ;p All we did was karaoke all night until our throats hurt (literally) and lungs burst! Heh heh..

We called it a night at 5am. Truly an experience and something that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Seeing the gorgeous smiles and laughters on each and everyone’s faces that night was oh my gosh so satisfying. All of our hardwork paid off and most importantly, each of us had the time of our lives which I always want in a team. The best night with the best team, having the best time.

I recorded a few moments the night itself and of course, there will be a vlog about it coming soon. Will let you all know about it 🙂

Right am gonna end it here. The next blog will be an exciting one! I really hope you all enjoyed reading this blog as much I enjoyed writing it. Let me know in the comments what you felt while reading this 😀 and would love to hear about your experience organizing these kind of events!

Until then, I hope you have a great day/week ahead and take care! Lots of love ❤


Eunice signing off…