I know.. It’s been waay too long since my last blog. My apologies. University life is tough. Finals are in two weeks time and I’ve been immersed in lecture notes, research papers and head-spinning scientific terms and phrases that took my most of my lecture reading time as I spent most of it researching and understanding that one bloody term. Sometimes, it’s up to avail what so ever. Yeap, that’s what I have been doing these past weeks. I hate this being an excuse for not posting frequently but I promise you, my lovely readers, I will make it up to you all after my finals are over. The posts will be more often and consistent.

I had a few drafts written down for my upcoming blogs during the 5 minute in between study break for some mind calming session but didn’t really get into posting it here as they require a little bit of editing. Those blogs are actually planned to be a weekly subject, an upcoming ‘blog project’ that I am currently working on and extremely excited to share with you after these two weeks!

Anyway, since it is now my 5 minute break from studying a somewhat interesting yet complicating chapter called Cancer, I thought of writing this short blog for you all to keep you updated as an explanation to my long absence. Hence, this is just a random blog regarding a lesson that I learnt this week.


I am aware that this had been said and quoted countless times. However, this phrase somehow just doesn’t spark a realization or inspired me previously. Like it’s not embedded into the soul and those words are just words to me. But I now truly understand the actual meaning of the word. You see, there’s a huge difference between understanding the word and understanding the ACTUAL meaning of the word.

The actual understatement to this phrase only unravels and unfolds when you in fact do have a dream/goals that you ACTUALLY want to aim for in life. This of course couples with the feeling of GENUINE desire, determination and that you really do want to succeed.

I’m not saying that I didn’t have big dreams before. I always have a dream to be successful in life and I always say this words to myself whenever I need motivation but it was not felt tremendously in my heart and most importantly, the dream/goal was not specified. It was still a blur prior. Now, since everything has changed and I am in a different route, everything has become so much clearer and I do have a peculiar and concrete goal that I truly want to attain. And this time, I can honestly feel it in my bones and the deepest core of my heart, spreading through every ounce of my body, organs, nerve, arteries, veins, tissue, cells, nucleus….. okay getting waay too scientific.. back up! 

But yeah you know what I mean. Of course easier said than done. Obviously encountered hardships in the midst but it’s all part of the journey. It’s the way you look and react to the problem. Yes, you are allowed to cry out your woes once in a while but NEVER let that overwhelm you completely. Key: POSITIVITY. If you do not let predicament tumble you over, you’re on your way to procuring your ultimate goal with the right attitude and endeavours. All you need to do is BELIEVE. Believe that you can do it. Conquer your fears and break through those barriers. You will get there with constant hardwork and dedication.

That’s what I have learnt this week. I am sure you have these moments of instant realization. Do share your experience in the comment section below.

Just a quick note: A huge thank you to all my fellow lovely bloggers for being so kind and supportive. Thank you for sticking by me despite my long absence. Truly appreciate every single one of you. And also I see that you have new blogs posted. I will read your new blog posts after my finals and I honestly can’t wait for your new and intriguing posts. Also, to my readers thank you for taking the time to read this. Much appreciated 🙂

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading and I will ‘see’ you all soon! Until then, have a great day and week! Take care and lots of love ❤

Eunice signing off…