Achieving my very own 2016 Bucket List

Life bucket list, yearly bucket list… Whatever ‘type’ of bucket list that you had planned and kept, always make sure you go out there and achieve them. If not, it’s just a random list on a piece of paper that may seem implausible to beget. Bucket lists are vital for me personally because they make my life worth living. They make me work hard for the things I want to experience in life. It’s a drive, a passion, an ultimate goal(s).

And when that golden opportunity approaches your door, it feels like you’re living your lifelong dream(well you are..duh). Nothing feels more satisfactory when you’re making your own dreams come true and that taste of sweet success when you add a mark next to the achieved goal(s).

Now, I had that fortuity in May 2016 where I decided to visit Brighton for the first time with one of my closest best friends (closest best cause she means a lot to me) during spring break, celebrating the end of our final university finals. May even consider this our graduation trip and the only legit holiday trip that we went on together overseas. LITTLE FUN FACT: Truth is we NEVER, i repeat, NEVER went on a holiday back in Malaysia. Spent an overall 5 days in one of the loveliest apartments with a lovely host, overlooking a stunning sky view and the weather was on a summer streak 😀 Temperature range: 21-26 degree celsius.

We were in heaven….

Sunny Day 1

Our journey:

  1. A morning flight to Stansted Airport, London
    Duration: 1 hour
    Airline: EasyJet
  2. Train to Tottenham Hale Station and Underground
     Duration: 36 minutes
     Train service: Stansted Express

3. Train to Victoria Station and Underground

     Duration: 20 minutes
     Train Service: London Underground; Victoria Line

4. Train to Brighton East Sussex Train Station

     Duration: 1 hour
     Train service: Southern Line

*insert img_3151 here*

And that my friends, is our total hours of the journey to Brighton. Cor Blimey! It’s bloody long innit!

4pm – Finally arrived at Brighton. First things first, we met up with our host, exchanged greetings(she was really lovely and friendly by the way) and with her detailed guidance route to our accommodation, we made it and proceeded with the check-in.

My First Impressions:

  • Goodness, it’s one busy town!
  • Satisfyingly aligned apartments
  • Vintage vibe
  • Fresher air
  • Waaaay a lot of happenings going on EVERYWHERE
  • Spoilt for choice (restaurants in particular)
  • Buses looked efficient
  • High spirited city
  • Somewhat calm
  • Meandering pathways

5pm-ish – Right, not sure if we bought provisions prior to our beach stroll or straight in with the stroll. Either way, we had supplies for the 5 days.

Brunswick Square. Oh look! Beach ahead!

                           VIP NOTE:- CLICK ON THE PICTURES FOR CAPTIONS

By the way, we stayed in a cosy apartment located in Brunswick Square. The apartment faces a mini gorgeous park amid other akin apartments, bloomin well convenient to the city centre and the nearest bus stop and what I love most, a stone throw away to the Hove Beach. Everything is accessible and public transport was not on our list of needs for the trip.


*Brighton Beach vibes, come at me*… *Cracks knuckles*…*And Typing*…

NOW PLAYING: Sleeping Alone by Daddy Was a Milkman

(Currently listening to this song while typing this section of this blog.. Song reminds me of the Hove Beach.. Just utter relaxation)

To set our feet on the Hove Beach, all we had to do was to cross the road from where we stayed. Noticed that the sun was setting slowly and it transcended into a stunning pink-purple-blue-ish with small wisps of clouds on one side and another side shown a glorious yellow-ish sun just peaking through amongst the blanket of clouds.

*Proceeds to open Instagram*:

Mi Posts:



Very picturesque innit? Cameras don’t do justice honestly. Strictly for your eyes IN PERSON only!!

This instantly took my breath away and with that, it was love at first sight for Brighton.



I- don’t- know- what- time- anymore pm – We headed back to our accommodation and I managed to sneak in a couple of cheeky glances back to the beach to take in as much of the sunset vibe as possible >< Since, our window from our cosy room overlooks the blue sky, we could literally see the sunset from our bed. And….. this happened…..

*Opens Camera on phone*

Yeap… you know, one picture is never enough for this kind of imagery taking… Picture credit to ‘Banana’ San San by the way. We both had the same amount of posed pictures on our individual phones that evening and not gonna lie, we carried on until early hours of the night >< Now that’s making FULL use of the outstanding scenery :’D


A relaxing night we had and drifted off to dreamland soon after. That’s Day 1 of Brighton done and dusted!


More to come on Day 2 in the next blog so keep your eyes peeled!

Let me know in comments if you enjoyed this blog post and if you ever visited Brighton, what were your first impressions during your trip? Maybe created a playlist on your own while you were there? And maybe to those who are living in Brighton, are the sunsets even more of a stunner than this before?  🙂


Thank you for reading my friends. Until then, have an amazing week ahead, take care, live life to the fullest and lots of love ❤



Eunice signing off…